Nautel Sonar Systems

Nautel Sonar provides complete systems and components to other sonar system suppliers.
Overview Brochure
Medium Frequency Solutions
Medium frequency sonar components in the 5 to 16 kHz range are sold as components. The MKII transducer and NS72-36 amplifier family are available to system designers and manufacturers.

Complete medium frequency solutions with Nautel components are available from General Dynamics Canada. These come in a series of sizes and capabilities and are ready to be integrated as a complete hull mounted sonar solution (HMS) in a new vessel or refit application with customized integration to combat management systems on the vessel. See General Dynamics Canada for information on full capability HMS systems.

High Frequency Solutions
Nautel C-Tech provides legacy and new complete high frequency sonar systems in the 20 to 90 kHz range. Transducers, repair parts, maintenance and refit services are available for all legacy systems.