NS72-36 Hull Mounted Sonar Amplifier

The NS72-36 amplifier is under development in conjunction with warship programs for the transmit chain of hull-mounted sonar systems.

It features 36 amplifier modules in a single 72″ high rack package to deliver 36 channels in the same footprint as the original amplifier and power supply.

The unit is 50% lighter and 40% less volume than original amplifiers or other replacement amplifiers. Additional channels can be added if required. The NS72-36 has analog and optional digital audio inputs to work with any existing controller system, plus an optional IP port to operate as a network-controlled sonar transmitter. Configurable alarms are included.

Nautel HMS transmitters achieve their light weight by using switch mode power supplies (SMPS). State-of-the-art silicon carbide FETs deliver 2 kW per channel capability at high efficiency. Standard output bandwidth is 2 KHz to 12 KHz, with options to extend the range up or down. Overall efficiencies of 85% result in low cooling requirements.

These amplifiers meet or exceed warship environmental requirements with partial/typical MIL STD shock, vibration, EMI and power supply filtering testing. A compliant shock absorber base is required for most installations. Servicing of all modules is conveniently performed through the front door panel.

NS72-36 Specification Sheet

The NS72-36 is subject to export controls.