Nautel C-Tech Mk II broadband transducer

With over four decades of experience in underwater acoustics, engineering, software development and manufacturing, Nautel C-Tech has the capability to design, develop and manufacture complete end-user equipment and systems.

  • Hull Mounted and Variable Depth Sonar for Visby Corvettes
  • Mk II Transducers Arrays for CPF UWSU Program
  • AN/SQS-510 Sonar Transducers for CPFs
  • Side Scan Route Survey Sonar for Canadian MCDV
  • Transducer Array Technology Refresh Programs
  • CTS-24 Sonar for ASW/MCM
  • CSDS-85 Harbour Surveillance Sonar
  • AN/SQS 510 ASW Sonar for CPFs
  • Sonar Modules for CH-148 Maritime Helicopters