Installation, Set-to-Work, HAT and SAT of CTS-24 OMNI Sonar®

cts-24-omni-sonarA Nautel C-Tech CTS-24 hull-mounted sonar was installed on an Asian Navy frigate and recently completed set-to-work as well as Harbour and Sea Acceptance testing.

Sonar components include transmitter/preamp, receiver and power control units as well as a transducer, transducer hoisting system and an operator console. The program was successfully completed, including at sea exercises with other naval ships.

More about the CTS-24 OMNI Sonar

The CTS-24 is a medium-frequency (24 kHz) omni sonar designed for navies operating in shallow and/or deep water. The narrow beams maintain excellent performance in shallow water, while the operating frequency provides extended detection ranges in deep water. It integrates the hull mounted transducer with a digital transceiver to provide simultaneous active and passive digital signal processing, display processing and computer-aided target detection and tracking using CW or FM modulation.

Hull Mounted Sonar CTS-24 Specification Sheet